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Banshee::LiveRadio::LiveRadioPluginSourceContents Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The source contents for a plugin source. It creates a view with a genre choose box, a query field and the view for the retrieved station tracks. The source contents is also the connector between plugin and source, as it handles just about all refresh/notify events coming from either side.

Definition at line 63 of file LiveRadioPluginSourceContents.cs.

Public Member Functions

void InitRefresh ()
 Initiate a refesh of the contents: clear the genre list, add a fake "loading" entry and prohibit interaction with the elements.
 LiveRadioPluginSourceContents (ILiveRadioPlugin plugin)
 Constructor -- creates the source contents for a plugin and sets up the event handlers for the view and the plugin refresh events.
void ResetSource ()
 Sets the source and track model references to null.
bool SetSource (ISource source)
 Sets the source and the track model for the source contents.

Static Public Attributes

static readonly SchemaEntry
< string > 
static readonly SchemaEntry< bool > BrowserVisible

Protected Member Functions

void InitializeViews ()
 Initialize the main track view.
void SetFakeTrack (string info)
 Adds a fake track to the source and disables interaction with the track view.
void SetupMainView< T > (ListView< T > main_view)
 Setup the main track view and disable interaction.

Protected Attributes

ISource source


bool ActiveSourceCanHasBrowser [get]
string ForcePosition [get]
ISource Source [get]
 The ISource source of this source contents.
IListView< TrackInfo > TrackView [get]
 returns the track view of this source contents
Widget Widget [get]
 The Widget of the source contents.

Private Member Functions

Paned GetPane (bool hpane)
 Helper function to make a new Paned with the correct layout.
void Layout (bool top)
 Create the contents of the source contents in the desired layout.
void LayoutLeft ()
 Make a layout with the filter views on the left hand side.
void LayoutTop ()
 Make a layout with the filter views on top.
void OnPluginGenreListLoaded (object sender, List< Genre > genres)
 Handles when a genre list has been retrieved by the plugin. Fills the genre choose box with the results or adds a info message in case of an empty result and disables interaction with the control.
void OnPluginRequestResultRetrieved (object sender, string request, LiveRadioRequestType request_type, List< DatabaseTrackInfo > result)
 Handles when a new result for a previous query request is received from the corresponding plugin. Transfers the received result to the plugin's source, and if there are none, set up a fake entry.
void OnToggleBrowser (object o, EventArgs args)
 Handles when browser visibility is toggled.
void OnViewGenreSelected (object sender, Genre genre)
 Handles when the user activates a genre in the genre choose box and initiates request execution in the plugin object. The track view is reset with a fake entry.
void OnViewModeChanged (object o, ChangedArgs args)
 Handles when the user selects a different view mode.
void OnViewQuerySent (object sender, string query)
 Handles when the user sends a query through the Entry box of the UI and initiates request execution in the plugin object. The track view is reset with a fake entry.
void Reset ()
 Unparent the views' scrolled window parents so they can be re-packed in a new layout. The main container gets destroyed since it will be recreated.
ScrolledWindow SetupView (Widget view)
 Capsules a widget in a scrolled window to add scrolling.
void ShowPack ()
 Draw the source contents.

Private Attributes

InterfaceActionService action_service
Widget browser_container
ActionGroup browser_view_actions
Paned container
LiveRadioFilterView filter_box
Gtk.ScrolledWindow main_scrolled_window
ILiveRadioPlugin plugin
TrackListView track_view

Static Private Attributes

static string menu_xml

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