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Banshee::ClutterFlow::ClutterFlowAlbum Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A ClutterFlowAlbum is a subclass of the ClutterFlowActor class, containing banshee related Album art fetching code.

Definition at line 43 of file ClutterFlowAlbum.cs.

Public Member Functions

 ClutterFlowAlbum (AlbumInfo album, CoverManager coverManager)
int CompareTo (IIndexable obj)
ClutterFlowActor CreateClickClone ()
sealed override void Dispose ()
bool Equals (ClutterFlowAlbum other)
void SetShade (byte opacity, bool left)

Static Public Member Functions

static string CreateCacheKey (AlbumInfo album)
static Gdk.Pixbuf MakeReflection (Pixbuf pb)

Protected Member Functions

override void DisposeStatics ()
override Gdk.Pixbuf GetDefaultPb ()
virtual void HandleButtonPressEvent (object o, ButtonPressEventArgs args)
virtual void HandleButtonReleaseEvent (object o, ButtonReleaseEventArgs args)
virtual void HandleLeaveEvent (object o, LeaveEventArgs args)
virtual void HandleTextureSizeChanged (object sender, EventArgs e)
override void HandleTextureSizeChanged (object sender, System.EventArgs e)
virtual void OnAnchorChanged (object sender, NotifyArgs args)
virtual void OnAngleChanged (object sender, NotifyArgs args)
virtual void OnOpacityChanged (object sender, NotifyArgs args)
virtual void SetupActors ()
virtual void SetupCover ()
virtual void SetupShade ()
override bool SetupStatics ()
virtual void SlideIn ()
virtual void SlideOut ()
virtual void TryShading ()

Protected Attributes

AlbumInfo album
string cache_key = ""
Clutter.Texture cover = null
CoverManager coverManager
bool disposed = false
bool has_shader = false
int index = -1
string label = ""
Clutter.Texture shade = null
Clutter.Shader shader
bool shifted_outwards
string sort_label = ""

Static Protected Attributes

static ArtworkLookup lookup
static TextureHolder textureHolder


virtual AlbumInfo Album [get, set]
override string CacheKey [get, set]
bool CanUseShader [get]
Clutter.Texture Cover [get]
override CoverManager CoverManager [get, set]
bool Enqueued [get, set]
virtual int Index [get, set]
static bool IsSetup [get, set]
override string Label [get, set]
static ArtworkLookup Lookup [get, set]
virtual string PbId [get]
Clutter.Texture Shade [get]
override string SortLabel [get, set]
bool SwappedToDefault [get, set]


virtual IndexChangedEventHandler IndexChanged

Private Attributes

bool enqueued = false
object sync = new object()

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